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A-11 Circulation Notices - Print Schedule


MCFLS runs many notice jobs on behalf of member libraries using Sierra. There are some library-specific notice jobs as well. Title (bib) and Item Paging Slips are examples of library-specific notice jobs run manually by individual library locations 1-2 times a day. When a notice job is prepared it will identify patrons who shall receive the notice via email and then queue notices for patrons who choose to have a paper notification. Patrons can indicate their notice preference which is a fixed field in the patron record of Sierra.  Below is the notice schedule for jobs performed by MCFLS staff..

1a. 7-DAY OVERDUE NOTICE FOR EMAIL & TEXT are run daily via an auto notice job and are set up by MCFLS on behalf of all member libraries.  

1b. 14-DAY OVERDUE NOTICES are run 2 times each week on Tuesday and Friday mornings. This Sierra notice job is tied back to the system's loan rules table and loan periods. It is in addition to the notice job mentioned above.  Patrons opting for email will receive their notification that way. Patrons opting for paper will receive a notice that is printed on form stock. Patrons who normally get a telephone notice will have their notice converted to print. This is because telephone notification is not possible for the overdue notice. Thus, everyone with their NOTICE PREF set to phone will receive a printed letter.  

are sent 7 days a week automatically for all members. Notices are queued up four times each day:  at 6 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 6 pm.  This job includes email, print and TNS (itiva) notifications depending on the patron preference. (Text notices also go out each day but through the Shoutbomb service and not directly via the MCFLS office).

are prepared 1 a week for all libraries on Thursdays
and are sent according to the patron's notice preference (email or print for patrons whose preference is for that or telephone). In addition, many libraries have an auto notice sent up to run based on the schedule that they have chosen (at least once a week). West Allis, Milwaukee, Greenfield, South Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, and North Shore hold cancelations are run by MCFLS. These are printed and sent to patrons on form stock or via email.

are prepared 1 a week on Friday mornings for all libraries sent via email or printed on form stock based upon the request of individual member libraries.  Three different jobs are tied back to this type of notice and isolate patrons who owe $4.99 or more; $24.99 or more, and $49.99 or more. These notice jobs make use of Create Lists.  SEE ALSO: C-52 STATEMENT OF CHARGES - CENTRALIZED POLICY.

NOTE: COURTESY NOTICES are not printed. These notices go out to all MCFLS patrons via an automated email job that is run daily. In addition, courtesy notices are a part of the Shoutbomb text notifications should patrons be signed up for that service. Both the Sierra and Shoutbomb (text) courtesy notifications are set to go out three days before the item's due date. If a MCFLS patron does NOT have an email address in his/her record, they will not receive a courtesy notice. This is due to the short turn-around time between the courtesy notice and the due date of the item in association with US mail delivery. See this page from the Sierra manual.

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