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A-09: Intersystem Borrowing

A-09 Intersystem Borrowing

The Milwaukee County Federated Library System has intersystem service agreements with the following seven library systems: Indianhead, Nicolet, Outagamie/Waupaca, Winnefox, Winding Rivers, Wisconsin Valley, and Manitowoc/Calumet * 

The agreements allow residents of these particular systems, who have a valid borrower card from their home library, to borrow materials.

The following rules apply:

  1. Any resident of the aforementioned systems, holding a valid borrower’s card from a member library of those systems may apply for borrowing privileges at any MCFLS member library. The card can be used at any MCFLS member library.
  2. Borrower’s cards will be issued according to the procedures of the issuing library.
  3. When registering intersystem borrowers the following guidelines should be followed:
    • ​The card will will have EXP DATE (1) year from the time of issue.
    • Residency code 255 and PTYPE 255 are to be used.
    • In a NOTE field, enter Library System of borrower, Library name, and barcode # or other identifying number from the patron’s Library Card.
  4. Materials may be returned at the borrower’s home library and returned to MCFLS via the statewide delivery system.
  5. Intersystem borrowers are required to conform to the rules and regulations of the MCFLS member library from which they borrow materials and to pay promptly delinquency or replacement charges that may accrue against them.
  6. Borrower is allowed a maximum circulation of 5 items at a time. (Automatic Patron Block Table setting).
  7. Borrower is generally blocked from checkout of Videos, CDs, CD-ROM /DVD-ROMs, or DVDs (Automatic Patron Block Table setting), but the decision regarding the leading of these “media materials” is left to the discretion of the local library.
  8. Borrower is not able to place requests. (Automatic Patron Block Table setting) . The decision regarding whether staff-placed holds are allowed is left to the discretion of the local library.
  9. Circulation records of intersystem borrowing transactions will be tracked by MCFLS staff. (Please let MCFLS know when you have registered an Intersystem borrower).
  10. MCFLS and the intersystem borrower’s home library system shall assist each other in recovering materials which are delinquent.
  11. Relative to any lending imbalance and/or if the MCFLS member library incurs any unrecoverable costs associated with this obligation, according to the terms of the MCFLS Member Agreement, “…the System assumes the financial obligation to compensate the member…"