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Digitization Kits


Starting in the late fall of 2018, DPI began collaborating with South Central Library System and Recollection Wisconsin. Staff from these bodies completed a grant with the WISElearn Digital Learning Portal to develop and configure digitization kits for interested Wisconsin public library systems to use with their members.

The purpose is to purchase and configure kits for interested Wisconsin public library systems in order that their members may digitize physical materials that need to be preserved and made available electronically to citizens of Wisconsin through Recollection Wisconsin and the WISElearn Digital Learning Portal. There are 19 total kits being created.  Two are coming for MCFLS and will be incorporated into the MKE Mixers program. 

​LSTA Digitization Kits by Wisconsin Library System
SEE:  Digitization kits for public libraries informational page on Recollection Wisconsin



June 7, 2019 - MCFLS received its two kits
July 22, 2019 – Regional , full day training takes place at SCLS with DPI staff participating.
August 2019 - MCFLS formulates a 2019-2020 plan for the digitization kits and identifies a pilot project for the digitization kit
August 2019 - MCFLS and other staff complete the online training tutorials for Recollection Wisconsin Digital Projects Toolkit  (see above)
September 2019 
– MCFLS staff starts to use the kits working with its first library/historical society and documenting the project workflow and best training materials


This file lists the contents of each MCFLS digitization kit.


Digital Project Toolkit Course Materials
Recollection Wisconsin Digital Projects Toolkit
System documents for the MCFLS Digitization Kits