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MCFLS Office & Operations

MPL LibraryNow Partnership


In 2015, the Milwaukee Public Library agreed to take part in the IMLS Library Challenge (a national initiative associated with ConnectED) to put more library access into the hands of school students. MPL named their student card campaign, LibraryNow and publicized this with students through their EOS (Education and Outreach) department. MPL uses this portal: for students and educators. The national goals of the program are outlined here: Locally, the MPL objective was to reduce barriers to library cards and library access and a stronger partnership with MPS and it’s classroom teachers.

In addition to partnerships that improve library card access, participating libraries also commit to:

  • Support student learning through programming that develops language, reading, and critical thinking
  • Provide digital resources, such as eBooks and online collections of traditional media
  • Provide broadband connectivity and wireless access within library facilities

​MCFLS has a role in the program by assisting with the creation and maintenance (once a year deletion) of the virtual library cards for the given schools participating and on behalf of MPL.  It maintains a database of LibraryNow statistical information located at:  Additionally, staff participate in the monthly LibraryNow team meetings.

Three times a year (after third Friday counts in September, January and July), MCFLS received data from participating schools including Milwaukee Public Schools.  At that point, the LSA within MCFLS runs several tasks to evaluate which students are new to our database and to add them as P TYPE 30 records (digital use only, no checkout). Once a year student records are purged if the records are at their expiration date (06-30-yyyy). The expiration date of the digital records is tied back to the student's expected graduation date. 

SEE THE CIRCULATION SERVICES INFORMATION ON P TYPE 30 RECORDS and how to best maintain those for LibraryNow patrons. Upgraded LibraryNow cards that are expiring will have as their expiration date set to be either the graduation date, OR, the typical two year into the future, end-of-the-month date depending on whichever one provides a longer expiration date. This is why some LibraryNow upgraded cards do not feature a 06/30/YEAR EXP DATE but instead may have a different month's end date.