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Recollection Wisconsin


Recollection Wisconsin (“Service Hub”) harvests, stores and provides access to metadata from Content Partners. Recollection Wisconsin feeds into the DPLA (Digital Public Library of America)

Project site is at

The Milwaukee Public Library, one of MCFLS' members, is a Recollection Wisconsin Data Provider for OAI-PMH (The OAI base URL is  The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a protocol developed for harvesting metadata descriptions of records in an archive so that services can be built using metadata from many archives. The protocol is usually just referred to as the OAI Protocol and uses XML over HTTP.

Metadata from Recollection Wisconsin is harvested quarterly and ingested into the DPLA
Metadata is textual information relating to Content, either hosted or housed by a Data Provider or digitally stored on the DPLA’s servers. It includes information that enables users to identify, discover, interpret, or manage Content, such as the name of the author of the work, the date on which it was first created or published, or where the physical object is located. It might also include an expressive description of the Content: for example, a brief blurb on the historical and cultural implications of a work. Metadata may also include hyperlinks that direct users to Content on a Data Provider’s website. In the context of the DPLA, metadata does not include thumbnails, audio samples, or other non-textual information.  All metadata provided to the Service Hub and DPLA by Content Partners is considered in the Public Domain under a Creative Commons Zero Public Domain Dedication.

Recollection Wisconsin Digital Projects Toolkit
THERE IS A FIVE-PART ONLINE COURSE available as training. The five sections include: The Big Picture; Collection Development & Copyright; Scanning; Metadata; and Storage and Digital Preservation. They each take roughly 20 minutes to complete.

Digital collections for Recollection Wisconsin need to adhere to the following criteria: 

  • Digital collections should support the educational, recreational, and information needs of the people of Wisconsin.

  • Digital objects adhere to the Recollection Wisconsin Copyright Policy.

  • Digital objects are made available for use online without authentication, firewall, paywall, or other restriction.

  • Metadata conforms to Recollection Wisconsin guidelines and requirements. 

  • Metadata is made available for harvesting at a stable OAI-PMH endpoint or other means determined acceptable between Recollection Wisconsin and the Content Partner.

  • Content partners are required to determine the copyright status of the collections they are digitizing. From that point, they provide a rights statement in the metadata for each digital object made available through the Service Hub which may be either in or out of copyright.

The following categories fall outside of the program’s scope:

  • Data-only records, such as birth, death or other genealogy indexes, or other resources that do not resolve to full digital objects 

  • Items at the page level, such as individual newspaper pages or book pages

  • Finding aids or EADs

  • Institutional repository content, such as student dissertations, theses, or research data

Participating libraries and institutions will be asked to:

  • Determine the copyright status of the information being brought online.

  • Include the copyright status information in your metadata using a standardized rights statement.

    • DPLA and Europeana have developed a set of standardized rights statements, available at

    • See the below Rights Quick Reference document for handling items in and out of copyright.

  • Provide FOUR key metadata elements required by Recollection Wisconsin to allow for the use and reuse of the digital collection