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Database Maintenance

D-11 Cat Flad Field Definitions


The Cataloging Flad (CAT FLAG) a fixed-field in the biblbiographic record, is often used to indicate the progression of cataloging for a particular bibliographic record. A CAT FLAG is used as a means of communication from the central cataloging unit (based at Milwaukee Public Library or MPL) to the other MCFLS libraries. It is also a means of communication from the other libraries in the system back to the central cataloging unit known as CCDM (Central Cataloging Database Maintenance). There are some CAT FLAGS that are used only by MPL.

- FULL MARC - This is the most common CAT FLAG and indicates full MARC cataloging has been completed
a ACQ RECORD - A very brief bib record which has an order record attached. An ACQ record should be enhanced and the CAT FLAG changed to "t" when the first item record is added to the system by any of the member libraries. If MPL Central is the first to add an item, they will download a full MARC record from OCLC and the CAT FLAG will change to "-."
d DELETE CODE - bib record should be deleted from database. THis CAT FLAG suppresses the record from the public.
h HOLD AND CHECK - used by MPL Central when there is a strong suspicion that copy cataloging will appear on OCLC in the near future. After a predetermined length of time, OCLC is checked again, and if the record is found it is downloaded into CountyCat. If the record in question does not appear on OCLC within a reasonable length of time, the CAT FLAG is usually changed to "o" for original cataloging.
j NEED INFO NOTE - used by MPL Central as a means of communication to the suburbs/branches that some more specific information is needed in order that an appropriate MARC record can be downloaded into the system. The information needed is inserted as a MARC note (field tag y). The suburbs/branches use Create List of Records to retrieve records for their building (see CountyCat insert D-12), answer the question by inserting their own MARC note (field tag y) and change the CAT FLAG to "k" - INFO SUPPLIED.
k INFO SUPPLIED - used by the suburbs/branches in response to CAT FLAG "j" (Need Info Note) A MARC note is inserted by the suburb/branch as a response to the "j"  query and the CAT FLAG changed to "k". 
l LEAVE ALONE - used by MPL only for cleanup purposes.
m MISLINK BRIEF - used by MPL only for cleanup purposes.
n SUPPRESSION - used for "generic" bibs and "item-on-the-fly" bibs. Suppressed bibs will not appear in the patron mode but will always appear in staff mode.  SEE ALSO, D-01.
o NEEDS ORIGINAL CATALOGING - used by MPL Central when a decision has been made that a piece needs original cataloging. A hold is  placed on this material by central catalogers if owned by suburban libraries in order that it can be cataloged accurately.
q SERIAL DECISION - used internally by MPL Central. Suburbs/branches should not use this code.
t NEW TITLE - used by suburbs/branches to indicate a new title to the system. MPL Central creates a list of "t" bibs, and in most cases, overlays the bib with an OCLC record and the CAT FLAG changes to "-" (MARC level cataloging). . Before any title is flagged "t" by a suburb/branch, a search is first done by appropriate indexes, e.g. ISBN/ISSN, Title, Journal Title, etc. in order to avoid duplicate entry.
z DON'T REPLACE - used in cases where MARC cataloging is not required. These records will still display in the patron mode. Some examples of bib records that could be flagged "z" are children's toys and puzzles, puppets, home video quality of local groups and events, LPs, and material put together for local library use in a unique way.