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Database Maintenance

D-22 Bibliographic Errors Enhancements


The Database Maintenance contact person is responsible for reporting bibliographic errors and/or enhancements as they apply to descriptive cataloging. These requests are sent to MPL Central (1) - Technical Services to the attention of Nancy Wojnarowicz. Examples of errors and/or enhancements are:


  • Typos in any bibliographic field (e.g. misspellings, number missing in ISBN)

ENHANCEMENT (descriptive)

  1. Added personal or corporate author.
  2. Added title tracing. (spine or cover)
  3. Added series tracing.
  4. Added contents notes (particularly for collections or CDs/cassettes).
  5. ISBN needed.
  6. Pagination.


The Database Maintenance contact person is responsible for reporting to MPL Central the need for additional subject headings. Additional subject headings must be structured as Library of Congress Subject Headings. It is the responsibility of the Database Maintenance contact person to search subjects within Database Maintenance as an aid in finding correct LC Subject Headings for suggestion.

Requests for additional subject headings can also be included on the form below. The decision whether or not to add the subject headings is determined by MPL Central Catalogers. If the catalogers require the material itself, it will be "requested" by the Central Catalogers.

Requests will be acted upon within two weeks. The library making the request will not be notified of the disposition of the request. CC and DM may request supporting documentation.