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Database Maintenance

D-08 Volume Field Input Standards in CountyCat


  • The volume field in item records should only be used when necessary to differentiate volumes of the same title.
  • The volume field should never be used to routinely enter publication dates as this will have serious, negative ramifications for patron requests. 
  • Staff should never use volume fields for media such as DVD videorecordings.
  • Volume field input for item records requires standardization in CountyCat. Therefore All MCFLS member libraries should use the standard abbreviations noted below.

IMPORTANT:  The presence of a volume field in an item record that is holdable, will trigger the system to force an ITEM LEVEL HOLD in CountyCat. SEE ALSO:  Understanding when item level holds occur.  


  • The year should always precede volume for those items requiring both; e.g., World Book should be entered as 2009 V1, 2009 V2, etc.
  • Use the full year in volume field, e.g. 1999 not 99
  • Use two full years when there is a range, e.g. 2009 2010 not 2009 10
  • No spaces after the V (Volume), one space between year and volume. e.g.: V2, V45, V562, 2009 V10
  • No spaces after the P (Part), one space between prior designations, e.g. P2, P10, 2009 V2 P3, V5 P4
  • No spaces after the NO (Number), one space between prior designations, e.g: NO4, NO65, 1888 NO5, 1976 V54 NO7
  • No spaces after the SUPP (Supplement), one space between prior designations, e.g. SUPP3, 2008 V13 SUPP3
    • WIN = winter, SUMM = summer, FALL = fall, SPR = spring
  • Sequence should be year/season, e.g. 2009 WIN, 2005 SUM

Other abbreviations include:
ABST (abstract)
ANN (annual)
APP (appendix)
AUTH (author)
CUM (cumulation)
ED (edition)
GROUP (group)
INDEX (index))
REV (revised)
SEC (section)
SUBJ (subject)
SUPP (supplement)
TITL (title)

Sometimes the volume field has a blank space it in. That will trigger an item level hold if and when a patron goes to request the title in CountyCat. That is true even if there are other item records attached without a volume field present.

Volume field is present

The result is an item level hold prompt in CountyCat rather than a bib level hold request screen. MCFLS wants to present patrons with bib level holds as much as possible to be filled by any member able to do so.