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This page features information about electronic ordering as well as instructions to help member libraries perform electronic ordering tasks for two vendors: Baker & Taylor and Midwest Tape. Please note that MCFLS has acquired the Quick Click Innovative product that allows for electronic ordering. Libraries should also note that in order to perform electronic ordering, a vendor record must be set up in Sierra to send orders in EDIFACT format. Contact the LSA for help with this step. 

If your library is set up for Edifact invoicing:

  • Orders placed through the ILS will be invoiced via EDI.
  • Invoices will be available in the Sierra Import Invoices area where you can import then in using the OUT FTP folder on the company's remote server.

In order to be set up for EDIFACT ordering and invoicing, the Sierra vendor record must have these fields:

  • Enter d in the CODE 3 field. The value 'd' indicates that the vendor can receive orders electronically in the EDIFACT format.
  • Enter $VENDSAN=<vendor's SAN> in the NOTE 3 field, where <vendor's SAN> is the vendor SAN number
  • Fill in a value in the fixed GIR CODE based on the vendor. 
  • Each accounting unit is identified by a suffix to the library's account number. The vendor and the library must agree on the suffix for each accounting unit. The account suffix is entered into the ACCOUNT # field in the vendor record. For example:

    ACCOUNT # 54673


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