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Database Maintenance

Master Lists used by MCFLS

Master Lists Used by MCFLS

77 Suburban/Branch Missing/Claims Returned for Circ (sent to Circ)
80 Monthly Long Overdue List (sent to Circ & Database Maintenance)
82 Weekly Stale Holds  (sent to Circ)
83 Cat Flag J for DB Maintenance (sent to Database Maintenance)
84 Global P TYPE Discrepancies  (sent to Circ)
119-120 MASTER Purchase Alerts
129 MASTER LibraryNow patron data
161 Overdue Items 
163 MASTER Global Statement of Charges
279 MASTER patron potential deletion EXP 2 years
280 MASTER No Circ 5 Year Since a set date (run quarterly: Feb, May, August, November)

Twice a year, MCFLS runs several CAT FLAG lists in association with the Database Maintenance committee and the work they do.