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Sierra Training

Create Lists Training

Create Lists Training

MCFLS Competency in Create Lists
Introduction to Create Lists (Google Slides, Updated 12-16-19)

Training Handouts

D-05 Create Lists File Assignments (PDF)
How to Create a Review File Basic Instructions (PDF)
Steps to Create a List (Google PDF)
Steps to Export a List to Excel (Google PDF)

Other Handouts 

Applying a Saved Export List in Create Lists (Google Doc)
Bib Fixed Fields, Innovative's Descriptions of
Browse Query (Google PDF)
This is a quick way to run a search like creating a list without saving the results.
It's useful when you want to few field data within some records (find examples) in order to work
Browse Query is under Tools in Sierra whenever you are in a "search" function such as Catalog
Convert Item or Patron Barcodes into Sierra Records & Import into Create Lists
Create Lists Training Manual 
Innovative's Create Lists manual
Item Fixed Field Information, Innovative's Descriptions of 
P TYPES MCFLS Patron Record (3/17/2020)
Patron Fixed Fields, Innovative's Descriptions of
Rapid Update of Records (fixed fields or add in non-MARC variable fields)
Regular Expressions in Create Lists
Some Basic Excel Commands (Google PDF)