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MCFLS Office & Operations

Pandemic Support for Staff Using Sierra


Last updated 7/24/20

  • All MCFLS library book drops are open as of 7/24/2020 except the closed MPL branch locations. See the MPL web site for more information. 

  • Staff are quarantining materials for four days as of 7/23/2020. This was decided at an LDAC meeting and was based on the Battelle test results released the week of July 20th. The DPI made the recommendation of four days. 

  • Bins should be taped over the crease on the cover with the date that the bin was sealed.  This will help staff and delivery drivers identify which bins are safe to handle. 

  • Weekday delivery resumed on Monday June 1, 2020 for all 14 suburban library locations.

  • As of the week of 7/28/20, MPL Tippecanoe, MPL Washington Park, MPL Central and MPL Good Hope are receiving deliveries Monday, Wendesday and Friday. This is up from once a week.. 

  • Staff are asked to check each library's web site for specific and current information regarding both curbside assistance AND hours.

  • The request button was turned back on June 8, 2020. The request functionality became available again in both CountyCat and the CountyCat Mobile app.  MCFLS will work to make closed locations unavailable for hold pickup and for requesting materials.

  • Checked out MPL items have a new due date of 9/15/2020. All other MCFLS items currently checked out have a due date of 6/15/2020.

  • All expiring library cards from 09/01/2019-06/30/20 are being extended. Check with your library director for specifics. 

  • Staff are asked to read through this document - MCFLS specifics for libraries preparing for Service Level 3.  This does not currently fully apply to all MPL branches. Please check with your library director to confirm local policies. 



  1. This is the Curbside Assistance MCFLS brought to LDAC on 4/16/2020
  2. This is the MCFLS Reopening Timeline which follows the layout put forth by the WI DPI
  3. Starting the week of 6/1/2020, many MCFLS libraries are preparing to move to Service Level 3. 

If your libraries is working under Service Level 1-2 (begun as of 5/16/20), please see the documents attached below.

In Service Level 1-2, libraries are satisfying patron need by

  • Supplying items from the holdshelf,
  • Checking out items or making new item requests from one's own collection,
  • Applying a saved Create List query (Saved #217) to identify existing items at your library to fill holds for pickup at your location.
  • When your library is ready to do more:
    • Locations may also begin running item paging slips (bib paging lists are for Service Level 3);
    • Watch this video to learn how to apply another saved Create List query to find more bib holds to fill with your local collection,


Instructions:  Check-In Do Not Fulfill Holds - while closed use this function when checking in any/all materials

When using the Do Not Fulfill Holds tool, at check-in, canceled holds will not clear from holdshelf status. Staff should still use the DO NOT FULFILL HOLD function and not the regular checkin function. However, you will need to manually change the status of the item to Available and then check it in again. 

Instructions:  Create and Export Your Current Holdshelf List - edited from MPL's local instructions.
Instructions:  Backdating a Checked in Item
Instructions:  How to Create a List of Holdshelf Items at Your Location & Export Out to Excel


MCFLS is discussing this topic with LDAC at the April 2020 meeting. MCFLS is proposing to waive overdue/overdue renewal fines globally for all members after deciding as a group a set range of dates for fines assessed.  The goal is to remove any overdue/overdue renewal charges that took place during the time libraries were closed.   Since we do not know when libraries will reopen, MCFLS is also looking at again extending due dates globally with the hope of having no materials become overdue while we are closed and, not need renewal in case the loan period does not allow for renewals or is at its max renewal.

For interested members, MCFLS would run a report and specifically identify those overdue (2) or overdue renewal (6) charges tied to any patron during a specified, predetermined range of dates (based on our COVID-19 closures). MCFLS use Sierra GLOBALLY PURGE CHARGES to remove the dollar amounts off of the account.

If approved, MCFLS wants to make sure all public service staff and patrons are informed about the exact dates of this fine waiver to avoid confusion and/or frustration among all.  It’s possible, staff will need to waive fines that were missed but MCFLS will work to do the bulk of the fine removal.



How to Handle Holds for Closed Locations (all locations)


The Not Wanted Before date can be up to 180 days from the date the hold was placed.If the hold was placed more than 180 days before the current date, the Not Wanted Before date cannot be modified.

Staff should consult with their library supervisors with regards to the preferred method for accessing Sierra remotely. Some libraries may be opting to make use of remote desktop applications in order to get access to their office computers.  For libraries wanting to access Sierra by setting up a virtual private network to get onto the MCFLS network, please reach out to Hieu Tran. 

Review the Sierra Web & VPN page.taking special note of the bottom attachment found there which has been updated in March 2020.