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Digital Resources

Understanding the WPLC


The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (or WPLC) was formed in 2001 for all Wisconsin library systems. It works on several projects for Wisconsin but OverDrive is its best known project. To see all of the WPLC resources go to

WPLC Resources

Wisconsin's Digital Library is a shared, state-wide collection of ebooks, audiobooks and streaming video available for free to all Wisconsin public library card holders. It includes both the OverDrive and Libby platform and the BiblioBoard platform. OverDrive and Libby provide access for library patrons to ebooks and audiobook while BiblioBoard offers ebooks from self-published authors including indie titles specifically from Wisconsin authors. WPLC supports an annual writing contest through the Wisconsin Author Project with the self-published titles being placed onto the BiblioBoard platform.  What is confusing is that there are two web pages to find electronic content: