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MCFLS is preparing to do an Encore upgrade (from 4.7.1 to 5.1) in March 2020.  Release notes and known issues documents from Innovative Interfaces are linked at the bottom of this page.  MCFLS maintains a running list of bugs and issues for Encore and Sierra here.

  • The HTTPS redirect for Encore was optional in earlier releases but will be required in Encore 5.1 to ensure full functionality when redirecting to Encore via a passthrough search box or other external links to Encore pages on an Android mobile device. Please open a ticket in the Supportal to request that the HTTPS redirect be enabled for your Encore, including Encore mobile, if it isn’t already enabled.
  • Encore search boxes in WebPAC or on library webpages that do not use the method recommended by Innovative, and documented in the Encore Staff Guide on CSDirect, for passing the search to Encore will no longer work in 5.1. If your location would like a search box, use the documents above.

Issues to be fixed with this upgrade

  • Fixes a problem where the library Pass-through search form was taking users to the Encore home page instead of search results page.
  • Encore login sessions not timing out as expected in certain cases
    A user logs in to Encore with a valid patron account. Then, at some point, while the session is still active, the user leaves Encore and navigates to another site in the same browser tab. They eventually return to Encore in the same browser tab, well after the configured session timeout period has elapsed. Upon returning to Encore in the same browser tab, the login session from earlier is still active. This is not expected behavior.

  • Request button displays in Encore incorrectly while not displaying (correctly) in the Classic Catalog.
    Despite having request rules set up for a specific location in Sierra to isolate that certain items should not be requestable, at random times, the Request button will still display in Encore but will correct work in the classic catalog.

  • Indexing Issues with hyphenated keywords
    When a title contains a hyphen it is indexed only with the hyphen character. Searching for the non-hyphenated version of the title does not return the expected hyphenated title.  


Staff Feedback Questionnaire on Encore

Pika (forked version of VuFind. Marmot Library Network performs two implementations annually)

About Pika Discovery 
Pika works with these integrated library systems:  Innovative's Sierra, SirsiDynix Symphony or Horizon, The Library Corporation's CARL-X, Koha
Pika demo from Marmot 11/2019
Pika documentation helps staff understand its scope
Libraries with Pika and Sierra:   Arlington Public Library (VA) |  Addison Public Library (IL)  | Wake County Public Library (NC)
Quote from September 2019 (One Time Implementation $27,825, Annual $40,845 includes hosting and other fees) 


BiblioCore (from BiblioCommons)
Northern Waters Library System online demo (October 2019 | 1:22:10)


Overview to Novelist Select  [YouTube video - 10:19]
NoveList Select Handout for CountyCat Patrons
NoveList Select - Book Discovery in the Catalog [YouTube video - 2:02]