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CountyCat Hoopla page
Hoopla Error Messages Explained  (These error messages are listed in the Hoopla app too)
Hoopla's FAQ & Troubleshooting  (FAQ boxes page)
How to Hoopla by Mobile Device
Login for Hoopla Administrators by Member Library
MCFLS Movie Ratings & Restrictions by Patron Type
MCFLS Staff Training on Overdrive & Hoopla (Whitefish Bay Library, Dec 13, 2018, Google Slides)


JUNE 10, 2019: On June 10, 2019, MCFLS decreased the number of monthly allotted borrows from 6 to 4 titles per person. The change was done to allow the system to retain the popular service and continue to offer instant access to materials online for all patrons. Should a patron encounter his/her limit they will see the message shown in the image below.  Please see the above document called Hoopla Error Messages Explained if your patron encounters another message unlike this one and/or contact Kate and Jen within MCFLS.

The first image below is what a patron may see when he/she meets the title limit for the month.  The second image here is what a patron might encounter when his/her library PIN is invalid. For more such messages, see the Hoopla Error Messages Explained and/or the Hoopla FAQ help page both mentioned above.

JUNE 2019:
  The company has confirmed that there is a known issue with Hoopla for Apple devices (and some Android devices) where the app does not work in LANDSCAPE mode.  There is no time frame yet on when a fix will be available.

  Sometimes patrons receive an error message saying they are unable to borrow items and/or a message about a conflict with their email address.  It may be a conflict with the residence code listed in their Sierra patron record and the municipality (residence) selected by the patron when he/she signed up for hoopla. Those two residences must match. Email the LSA at MCFLS who will reach out to hoopla support to fix the code on the patron's behalf. 

Resources & Handouts

Cast Hoopla on Your Smart TV or Big Screen
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How to Download & Stream Steps Handout
Intro to Hoopla on the Web (4:06 video)
Q & A for Hoopla 
Set up Hoopla for Alexa
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Amazon / Amazon Fire app
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Troubleshooting Hoopla for Androids