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MCFLS Office & Operations

Updates on Shared Resources



​BadgerLink & Online Databases

ProQuest has a Status of Operations page staff may consult.

10/1/20: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s BadgerLink program has added SIX new Ebsco databases that directly support school age and adult learners!  Those include:

  • Advanced Placement Source
  • Computers & Applied Science Complete
  • Poetry & Short Story Reference Center
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Literary Reference Center Plus
  • MAS Complete

These resources are available through at least June 30, 2022.  Links to these resources have been added to the MCFLS Database page.

Baker and Taylor

9/11/19: Some libraries who have items processed by Baker and Taylor before shipping have encountered a new difficulty. Apparently, the processing has moved to a secondary warehouse, but not all materials given by the library have been moved in accompaniment. Specifically, the item barcodes may take a long time to transfer, which is causing a bottleneck for new items. If your library has items processed by Baker and Taylor, please consider contacting your rep there.


Collection HQ

MCFLS outputs the full CountyCat database each month on behalf of both MPL and suburban library members thus updating the two CollectionHQ accounts. That output job is typically done the first Thursday of each month after the last library closes.



Bonus Borrows due to Coronavirus Pandemic 4/6/2020:   If patrons ask how they can find which titles are the BONUS BORROWS being offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I recommend telling people to start typing the word "bonus" in the Hoopla "Everything" search box using the browser-based or desktop version of Hoopla. From there, patrons will be able to click on all titles (which as of 4/7/2020 seems to be 1150 titles), or click on a given format for Bonus Borrows such as ebooks.  The URL to this collection seems to be

Finding Bonus Borrows in the App. 

Hoopla Bonus Borrows are listed as a genre.  You can view all Bonus Borrows, regardless of format through the “Video” page on the app.  Bonus Borrows are broken down into formats and genres as well. To view Hoopla Bonus Borrows from the app, open the app on your device. Select “Video” at the bottom of your screen and then select “Genre”. Scroll down and select “Bonus Borrows: All Titles, All Formats”


Summer 2019:  Important notes and bug information is listed on the staff support page dedicated to Hoopla. As of June 2019, the company has confirmed that there is a known issue with Hoopla for Apple devices (and some Android devices) where the app does not work in LANDSCAPE mode.  There is no time frame yet on when a fix will be available.

Innovative - Sierra/Encore

MCFLS is currently on Sierra 5.0 as of February 2020. MCFLS is preparing to upgrade from Encore 4.7.1 to Encore 5.1 in March 2020. Go to the Upgrades for more information.  


2/26/2020:  Illion, the company behind our phone notifications, has reviewed the messaging and timing of prompts for MCFLS's incoming call options. This is what patrons use when they call into our phone line at 414-277-0183 and choose from either Account Options, Renewals and/or Holds.  The prompts and timing are running fine. There was a complaint from a patron about the prompt for renewing one material unsuccessfully, then skipping or jumping for a second, but it seems to be okay again. Illion said they have an option turned on for advanced bacode management which maybe confused the patron. MCFLS will continue to monitor this service.  Staff should please read C-65 I-TIVA PHONE NOTIFICATIONS for more support.


Staff may check the OverDrive Status page to see if that resource is currently operational or not.  See also Overdrive Support.

9/25/20: The WPLC Digital Library Steering Committee voted to change the default lending period for new users from 7 days to 14 for both audiobooks and ebooks. This change has been made and will take effect immediately for new users.

4/9/20: DPI is awarding the WPLC $250,000 in LSTA funds as part of an IMLS grant for digital content. The WPLC project managers, with help from OverDrive, came up with a plan to allocate the funds:

  1. Simultaneous Use Titles: Allocating up to $30,000 for ebook and audio titles that will be available with unlimited use for one year from the date of purchase.
  2. Cost Per Circ Titles: Allocating up to $100,000 for ebook and audio titles using the cost-per-circ or pay per use model. This amount would fulfill 18,182 holds immediately for patrons.
  3. New Titles: Allocating up to $120,000 for new ebook and audiobook titles in the collection. This amount would allow for an additional 2000* titles to be added to the collection. *Based on the ebook/audio average price of $60.

3/23/20: WPLC has increased purchasing to cope with quarantine demands. 122 more ebook titles were added to Lucky Day. 400 simultaneous use ebook classics have been added to the "Always Available Classics" collection. The Steering Committee approved adding audiobooks to Lucky Day and will be working to add those as soon as possible. Penguin Random House has reduced the price of ebooks and audiobooks 50%, and the WPLC will be taking advantage of the discount to increase purchasing accordingly. Macmillan removed the library embargo. 

3/3/20: Hold Redelivery is now live. See this short video covering the option. Hold redelivery will replace auto-checkout for all new and existing holds. This allows users to suspend a hold even after it has been made available to them, maintaining their place on the wait list. After receiving a notification that their hold is ready, users will have three options.

  1. They can borrow the title within three days.
  2. They can suspend the hold by selecting "delivery later" which passes the book to the next person on the list while maintaining the user's place in line.
  3. They can cancel the hold. Hopefully, this new function will connect more users with their wanted books and decrease the frustration which sometimes occurs when multiple holds come in at once. 

12/16/19: After a survey indicating most libraries favor it, the WPLC is strongly considering a boycott of the embargoed Macmillan ebook titles. A final decision will be made on December 23rd, 2019. 

12/12/19: New push notifications are available for OverDrive. These can be easily managed in Libby to be either an alert in the app, an email, or no notification. The notices are available for when a loan is expiring or has expired; when a hold is ready, when it is lapsing, and when it has lapsed; as well as when there is a new Learn Libby tour available. 

10/17/19: Libby has added a dark mode for both iOS and Android devices. For Android users, it is compatible with Android 10. If you have the dark theme selected on your device, Libby will automatically enter dark mode. Dark mode replaces white background aspects with black to reduce eye strain. 

9/26/19: OverDrive for Mac is available and supported for Snow Leopard through Mojave (OS 10.6 - OS 10.14). Users who update to Catalina will not be able to download and transfer mp3 audiobooks using OverDrive for Mac. Instead, those users should download and make use of the Libby application. 

9/3/19: The Operating System field on the WPLC OverDrive Support Form isn't working - data entered by patrons was not being relayed to the email recipient of the form. WPLC is looking into correcting the problem but it turns out to be a little thornier than anticipated. The blank "Operating System, if applicable" line will still appear in the emails sent from the form, but the field has been removed from the support form for patrons. So, if it's appropriate, you'll need to ask patrons in your replies which operating system they are using.

Mobile Catalog app

3/24/20: Consumer Reports, provided by Badgerlink has been added to the mobile app under databases and electronic resources as well as general reference. 

3/9/20: Communico will be doing maintenance on their primary database cluster on Sunday, March 15th, 2020, between 3am and 3:30am. Services may be slow or display a maintenance message while the work is in progress. 

​MCFLS is on version 1 of Communico's Engage app. We aspire to migrate to VERSION 2 of this app as soon as we are able to, hopefully in Q2 or Q3 of 2020. Please continue to go to the staff page covering the CountyCat Mobile App to learn about features we are working on and existing shortcomings.


RB Digital

2/26/20: MCFLS has updated CountyCat to feature MARC records for the shared collection of RBdigital magazines. The records are put into CountyCat to provide patrons with another way to find e-magazine titles in addition to using the RBdigital app or desktop page found here: