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D-27 Deletion of Inactive Order Records

D-27 Deletion of Inactive Order Records

State Standard for Order Record Retention

According to the General Records Schedule from the Wisconsin's Public Libraries and Public Library Systems report (2017-2027), which features retention schedules for libraries with regards to their ILS records, it is best practice for libraries to retain acquisition records a minimum of one year from the CREATED DATE of the record.  The above report also makes mention of purchase requests, retaining those for a minimum of one year. It is MCFLS's thought that an order record could be construed as a purchase request. 

Defining the Order Records to Delete

Periodically a library should create a list of inactive order records, i.e. order records that have been cancelled or fully paid some time ago. Each library has a finite, defined number of order records that can be kept on the system at any one time, and by deleting inactive order records from the system, it frees up space for new orders.  Libraries should plan on deleting fully paid or cancelled orders once or twice every year.

The following is a procedure for creating a list of order records for deletion. The actual deletion of the list is accomplished by notifying MCFLS (Library Systems Administrator) that the list is ready for batch deletion.  The best candidates for deletion are monographic Order records that are 

STATUS = a  "fully paid", i.e. disencumbered monographs that are fully paid 
STATUS = z   "canceled orders" 

It is recommended that a library delete Order records in STATUS "a" when the received date, i.e. RDATE is an acceptable amount of time in past to the current date. For example, in January of 2017, order records that have an RDATE less than 01-01-2016 AND have a status of "a", i.e. fully paid), are definite candidates for deletion. Order records with a status of "z", i.e. canceled should also be part of the deletion strategy. 

Order Records that Cannot be Deleted

Order records with the following statuses can not be deleted:

STATUS  = o  "on order (encumbered monograph)"
STATUS  = q  "partially paid (partially disencumbered monograph)"
STATUS  = c  "serial on order (encumbered new serial)"
STATUS =  e "serial partially paid (partially encumbered serial)" 

Creating an Order Record Review File for Deletion and Contacting
Use the search strategy below to create your list of records.  This example features Wauwatosa (ORD LOC ^ starts with 34). Make sure to update that for your location as well as the date range. Make sure to also click once in the first and second range of order record boxes to have the most up-to-date order record numbers. 

With your mouse, select the lines you want to add parentheses around to group together, and then press the Group button.

To make things easier for staff, there is a SAVED SEARCH QUERY called MCFLS D-27 Old Order Records. Find an empty list and apply this saved search query adjusting the dates as needed.

In order to actually have order records deleted from the system, contact Jen Schmidt via email.